Bluebreast Darter

Bluebreast darterBluebreast darter Etheostoma camurum.  One of the many darter species where males exhibit dazzling breeding colors that attract females during the spawning season.  The bluebreast darter has enjoyed a remarkable reoccupation and indeed an expansion of its former distribution in Ohio as well as other states in the area.  Formerly listed as threatened in the State of Ohio the species was delisted following discovery that populations are now thriving and spreading across many of the lower Ohio River watersheds, indeed showing up in many localities that were previously unrecorded.  Ohio State University Stream & River Ecology Lab Research Associate Brian Zimmerman led a bluebreast darter reintroduction to the upper Licking River resulting in an established, breeding population above the Dillon Lake Reservoir.  More information is available for the Bluebreast darter from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Species Guide